About Us

Elton Media is a full-service advertising agency in Vancouver (Chinatown) and we’ve been in business over 30 years. We offer advertising, marketing, media and production. We’ve had some amazing success with clients both large and small; and we’ve had even more great learning experiences.

We have our own cameras, lights, editing equipment and we can do most projects in-house. We like it best when we can carry out a project from beginning to end: planning, creating, producing; all the way to implementing a campaign. However, if a client requires only one aspect of our ability, we are happy to oblige. We believe we can help and we enjoy doing it.

(For more history of the company see Jon’s bio.)

We Connect Products to People in Creative Ways through Traditional and New Media.

A lot has changed in the ad business since 1979 and we have had to change with the times. Although traditional media is still significant, we continue to refine how we create and produce advertising. For example, we have now done over 200 YouTube campaigns. We find that YouTube is part of almost every campaign we do now.

So whether it’s traditional or new media, we can help. It’s never been more exciting to be in advertising.