Key Performance Indicators


In the example on page 13, we see Chateau Ville English and
Chateau Ville French. This indicates we are running
campaigns in two languages.

Targeting Groups

Demographic or other audience targeting information.
Group Remarket group refers to users who have previously
visited the Chateau Ville website or have already seen the
YouTube ad. Adults and Broad Adults refer to men and
women 25-54.
We pay different amounts for each distinct demographic.
For the Chateau Ville campaign, we have set a maximum cost
per view at 8 cents for Adults (25-54) and 18 cents for the
remarket group. Remarketing lists include viewers who
have done one of the following actions:
Interacted with or viewed Chateau Ville’s YouTube videos.
Subscribed to, or unsubscribed from Chateau Ville’s channel.
Viewed Chateau Ville TrueView in-stream ads.
Visited Chateau Ville’s YouTube channel.


Maximum cost we pay per view. A view is someone who
watches more than 75% of the 30 second ad.


How many times the full ad played.

View Rate

The percentage of people who allowed the full ad to play.


How many people clicked through to the website.

Avg. CPM

This is perhaps the most important metric. This is the cost
per thousand impressions. $24.4 is the industry average,
so less than that is favourable.

Avg. View Freq.

How many times, on average, each viewer saw the ad.
Over time, this number goes up as the same people
are served more ads. This is good, because it builds
awareness of Chateau Ville’s products. The goal is to
reach a frequency of at least 4. That’s when people start
getting the message.

Impression Share

The percentage of times the ads were shown out of
Share (IS) the total available impressions in the market Chateau Ville is
IS is an acronym for Impression Share, a new AdWords
metric, is similar to “share of voice”, an advertising term
for how many Chateau Ville ads were served relative to others
trying to sell fireplaces. “IS” represents the percentage of
times your ads were actually shown in relation to the total
number of chances your ads could have been shown,
based on your keyword and campaign settings.

Lost IS Rank

The percentage of impressions lost due to low Ad Rank
(cost-per-click bid x Quality Score).

$/day Budget

The maximum dollar amount per day the location
is spending per campaign. Chateau Ville is spending $12
per day on an English campaign and $12 per day on
a French campaign for a total of $24/day.

Remarket Group

Users who have interacted with Chateau Ville’s Youtube videos
Group in the specified Geo Targeted region. Typically a small
portion of the budget is played aside to reach the users
who have interacted with the brand previously. Google
applies all targeting methods if more than one targeting
method is used. For example, if we target a specific
keyword, age, and channel, Chateau Ville ads will only be shown
when all those methods match your ad at the same time.
This can restrict impressions significantly. Therefore, we
don’t recommend pairing remarketing lists with multiple
types of targets, like demographics or interests.


How many times the ad was served to the target

Unique Viewers

According to the ip addresses recorded, how many
individual persons saw the full ad. If unique viewers is
less than views, a frequency effect emerges.

Avg. CPV

The average cost of each view. Chateau Ville shows an
average cost of 11 cents — averaging 7 cents for the
English campaign and 12 cents for the french.


Click through rate. A click through rate of 2% or more is
decent. 5% is high.

Reach per Freq.

How many people in the target audience we are reaching
with 1 or more ads. Chateau Ville reached 662 people more
than 4 times with the French campaign at a cost of per
thousand (CPM) of $16.19. The industry average CPM is
$24.4, so this figure is 33% lower than the average.

Video Played to 25, 50… %

How many times the video played to 25% or more.
We see with Chateau Ville, that the video played 100% of
the time to 15% of the target. What’s interesting is that
the french remarket group played the ad fully to 37%
of viewers. That’s a high number. The remarket group
are people who have visited the Chateau Ville website or
interacted somehow with its YouTube video. In the first
month of the campaign, this 37% is encouraging.

Lost IS Budget

The percentage of impressions lost due to budget

Coverage Map

For each store, we set precise postal code and
geographic locations (i.e. Dorval airport) and tell
Google to only sell ads to people in the areas we
define. We do this because we don’t want to pay to
show an ad to someone in Vancouver if we’re selling
fireplaces in Repentigny. The map shows how we blanket
geographically. As with all of these metrics, the location
data can be fine tuned.