Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres

The Guys Who Know Cars

We have worked with Budget since 1987.  (With a brief span of a year or so when they went to another agency.)  They were one of our first accounts and over that 27 years we have been involved in practically every aspect of their business, including Television, Radio, Print, On-line, Youtube.  We designed and produced their web sites, did franchise videos, and most recently a whole re-branding exercise to emphasis Auto Repair over and above Brakes and Mufflers.  Re-designed their logo, and launched “The Guys Who Know Cars” campaign in support of their new position. They have succeeded over a long period of time where many of their competitors have stumbled and even disappeared.  It has been a great client, and it has been a real pleasure to be part of their success.

Here’s some spots from our most recent campaign.

It takes a lot of people to do some things, but for your car, just visit your local Budget Brake and Muffler Auto Centre. If you watch hockey or football there’s a good chance you’ve seen these ads. As always John Shorthouse was great to work with. We developed the concept, shot, animated and edited these ads. All in house!

Below are some of the ads we produced to celebrate Budget Brake & Muffler’s 35th anniversary.