The Truck Accessory Stores

The Cap-it Bulldog: our concept for Cap-it was to use 15 second TV spots feature the franchisees and the wonderful truck accessory products that they carry.  Almost as an afterthought, we included an idea we had with an animated bull dog repeating the Cap-it name at the end of the spots.  Little did we know he would become such a hero!
We freshened the next campaign by bringing in an actual bull dog early in the spots. This required us to audition a number of dogs before we came up with Huey. He did a great job and has now been featured on the cover of the Cap-it catalog and even has his own stuffed toy sold in Cap-it stores. He says “Cap-it” when you squeeze his foot.

We are really pleased to have conceived, created, and produced every aspect of the spots, including the tricky animation of the bulldog by Matt.  (Bulldogs don’t always say ‘Cap-it’ exactly the way you want them to.)

Below are some promotional and corporate videos we also produced for Cap-it.

Below are some of the first ads we produced for Cap-it, putting them on TV!