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7 Ways We Increase Your Sales

7 ways we increase your sales: we could have come up with 10 but decided to keep it snappy.

We were sitting around the new digs yesterday. Matt had just returned from a shoot and Byron was in the middle of building a YouTube campaign.

Two copies of Incite — a beautiful magazine from Canada Post — were lying on the conference table. (Our reputation as a cost-conscious agency is well earned; our conference table was left behind by former tenants who also forfeited a variety of plants).

Incite had a feature titled “Seven Ways We Can Win You Awards”. In it, there were wonderful examples of creative executions that various agencies had employed using paper that was mailed to achieve various objectives. My personal favourite was a paper-based record-player that actually played when assembled. Pretty cool. It was for a new recording studio. Natch.

The whole thing made me think: how can we adopt this Seven Ways thing? We’re not an awards-driven agency, but we are rewarded when we make a positive impact on the income statements of our clients. For example, when sales at a Cap-It store in Williams Lake went up, we wanted to ring a bell. We all felt good when that happened.

In our new offices, we’ve finally installed that bell. We’ll ring it every time a client tells us we’re doing a great job. Our goal: to ring it once a month.

Now, back to the point. Since we’re not going to tell anyone how we’re going to win awards, we’ll tell you:



By locals, I’m talking real local customers. Not an idea of a customer that exists on a spreadsheet. What works in Toronto doesn’t necessarily work in Flin Flon. Other agencies might view us as being too pragmatic and not flashy enough, but being homegrown, down-to-earth people gives us an upper hand when it comes time to plan and implement a campaign in Medicine Hat and Fargo.

2. BYOC. Go ahead, bring your own creative. Sure we prefer to do it because it’s fun, but we’re not sticklers. If you have an old spot lying around and a desire to put it to work, no problem. Our expertise in buying digital and emerging media is surprisingly effective at connecting people with products.

3. WE’LL MAKE YOU FAMOUS. If we did own a franchise in Vernon, we think it would be pretty fun to be famous. But we don’t own a franchise in Vernon, so instead we live vicariously through our clients. Su famous mi famous.

4. RETHINK THE INTERNET. It wasn’t long ago that we were waiting for the Internet to change advertising. It has. And it’s cool. We still buy lots and lots of television but digital media has found its way into our hearts, minds and planning activities. We’ve seen the effect on sales and it is remarkable.

5. CREATE CONNECTIONS THAT LAST. One thing we say around here is “visitors are more than voyeurs — they’re people”. Similarly, other metrics such as impressions, views and unique visits are helpful in many ways but not when it comes to creative. The pair of eyeballs watching one of our YouTube ads is connected to a person with feelings and motivations, dislikes and pre-conceived ideas. We keep that in mind when we write something that people are likely to skip after 4 seconds.

6. BE REAL AND BE FOUND. There’s a reason people love watching kittens and babies. They’re not actors. They’re authentic. Authenticity is a trait we hold in high esteem because more and more you see it less and less.

7. CROSS DRESS YOUR MEDIA. Yesterday we talked about selling a great idea to a client we don’t yet have. It involves Instagram, Facebook, bus shelters and another media we can’t yet disclose. Cool, huh? That’s high fashion cross dressed media. We don’t even have a client, but we have an idea that we know will work, because the creative combination works. We know whoever ends up buying our concept is going to:
i) Create a good connection with many young adults with means; and
ii) Move up a couple of rungs on the old rusty brand ladder.

Want to see how we can increase your sales? Call Steve. (604) 559-4810.