Creates to Live, Lives to Create.

For over 20 years I have worked on production and creative for Elton Media. Everything from design & layout, digital animation & motion graphics, video shooting & editing, web design & development, and musical composition & production.

In 2010 I expanded my advertising resume by completing the intensive CAAP (Communications & Advertising Accredited Professional) program to further my expertise in brand development and marketing strategy.

My past… It’s a family company, so I grew up learning the production side of the biz. This was around the start of the desktop publishing revolution. While learning the exciting new digital tools for photo manipulation and design, I also learned the basics of print and paste up ads. From there I ventured into video production just so I could make skateboarding videos with my buddies.

I love making art, so when I wasn’t skateboarding, I was probably in the school’s art room where I became handy with brushes, paints, pens and paper. Once I had the visual mediums figured out, I got into making music. Both with live instruments and with computers… In short, I like to create!

Whether in the studio, working with images, sounds and code, or at a shoot with lights and camera, I can handle most of our production needs and I’m always up for a new creative or technical challenge.

When I’m not working, I like to spend my time making art, music, meals, gardens… I create to live and live to create. I also enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding and wandering the forests of Deep Cove with my family and dogs