Float House

After experiencing a sensory deprivation tank at the Gastown Floathouse. Matthew thought this unique product would be an ideal candidate for advertising on Youtube. The partners at Floathouse gave it a try, and hired us to create some ads and run them on Youtube in the areas surrounding their locations. We also targeted individuals interested in type of product/lifestyle (meditation, yoga, etc). This allowed us to reach their target audience in the dense urban populations where the Floathouses are located.


The unique product was an opportunity for the team to have fun with the creative. Matthew created a animated logo treatment as part of the production that looks great and resonated well with their brand.


Float House

Project Direction

Matt Elton

Project Date


Leavitt Machinery has been working with Elton Media on our Television and Youtube campaigns for 5+ years and are very happy with the services we have received to date. We look forward to working with Elton on our future projects.

Marketing Manager, Leavitt

Jennifer Pambrun

The creativity and experience of the team at Elton Media has brought our vision to life through TV commercials, radio ads, Social Media, and most recently through Youtube advertising. Elton Media has helped us shape our marketing strategy and present our services to the public in compelling ways. Elton Media is well connected throughout the industry, which has helped stretch our marketing dollar and expand our reach.

VP of Education at John Volken Academy and PricePro

Gabrielle Steed

Elton Media jumped into action for Vancouver’s first Aboriginal radio station, Journey 1063, providing branding support and collateral development to help us tell our story.

CEO Northern Native Broadcasting-Terrace Approved

Greg Smith

Cap-it Genuine Truckware is a proud supporter of Elton Media. Great team to work with over 5 years.

President of Cap-it

Andrew Funk