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What is Digital? It’s an evolving method of delivering messages to consumers, like the transition from rabbit ears to cable or AM to FM radio, digital is the new delivery platform. It opens up new opportunities that engage consumers by connecting with them on their terms… On their computers, mobile devices, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube which can all be personalized and localized with your message. The media mix looks different today because of media consumption, how and where customers consume content… And it’s not about the circus coming to town with companies yelling at their customer, in fact it’s more about community building, sharing relevant stories and content that connects brands with people.

A key benefit of digital media are analytics and tracking data, giving the ability to put a laser focused tip to a strategy and allows for on-the-fly adjustments to messaging and channels, all based on performance. We share our best practice results with all of our clients.

We understand the importance of digital media, which is why digital is a major component to every campaign we plan. Campaigns have an exponential effect when linked across multiple platforms… it’s a dance and elton can bring you to the party!

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Web Design

Your web presence is your companies face to the world. It’s an essential touch point to the discovery of a company. It’s important to understand how your Website fits along your customers’ journey, how deep should it be and how it can assist moving your customer to transaction. Like your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and other digital assets, your website matters and needs purpose. At elton we begin your website journey with more questions than answers, we believe everything we do requires a plan and purpose. So we do a deep dive into how your website will work to build your business and connect with customers. We look at the customer experience on the website, navigation, content, themes and test each feature for relevance. The elton digital team work with platforms that we can turn over to our clients for easy management and updates, sometimes due to the function of the website, we need to consider more advanced platforms, all part of the deep dive in the planning process. But making the site attractive and functional is only part of the equation. To make sure your site performs well with the search engines, we consider SEM during the content planning and building phase of development. Once a site goes live, we offer SEO, paid and organic support, to continually refine and build up that “link juice” to help your site get and stay at the top of the search rankings. Elton offers a full suite of SEM, SEO, Organic and Content mgmt. programs.

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