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The right message will always find its audience and with data we can define the intended audience and through media habits determine the favoured medium. Media is carried through any conduit that allows the brand to be exposed, whether heard, seen or experienced. The medium can be an Indy car or an NHL Dasherboard, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Television, Radio or Print. The medium may be experiential allowing the customer to feel the brand, in-store, on the street or at an event.

Digital media gets us closer to measuring the effectiveness of advertising dollars but it’s the media mix that is constantly changing. At elton we believe that to connect the dots you need multiple touch points for the audience. Value-Graphics are as important as the Demographic, values are not defined by traditional demo information but more about lifestyle. Ever seen a 65 year old surfer, you bet and their value language is all about surfing shared with a 20 year old surfer. 

At elton we research audience groups, often using our clients experiences, to map out the media mix, budget and frequency. As a full service agency we plan, negotiate and manage your media plan, making recommendations to optimize results, live, while it’s running.

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Video & TV Commercials

Use the power of entertainment to engage customers with video

Radio Creative

We write, produce and monitor radio campaigns

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube provide relevant platforms to reach customers


From standard Billboards to Dasherboards or Mobile media we will help you tell your story


When’s the last time you heard a message, stopped and said, ‘I like that, I get it’? Probably not that often but those messages are memorable, they connect and resonate with you. The circus left advertising years ago, hype rarely works anymore and stop yelling at us. We’d like to tell you a story about a very interesting business, a business that help you solve a problem, well maybe not a problem today but when that problem arises they can help you. My neighbour will tell me about an interesting experience he just had with a business, maybe repairing his truck or trimming his trees. He will offer up a testimonial about why I should consider this business, no hype, no yelling just a conversation about a business. That’s the Secret Sauce….just having a conversation about a business, maybe retail maybe wholesale, with a touch of human engagement

We build your Brand

So customers can relate to your products and services quicker, brand awareness moves customers to conversion


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