Speedy Auto Glass

We have been working with the Skidmore family and Speedy Glass, off and on, since about 1982.  At that time the company was called Trans Canada Glass and big only in Western Canada.  Through considerable hard work and ambition the Skidmore family bought Speedy Auto Glass which was very strong back east.  (And actually bigger than TCG.)  We were involved in transitioning all the retail stores over to become Speedy stores, with Trans Canada Glass being kept for the wholesale glass side of the company.  (Theory being that the Speedy name could be taken to the US better than Trans Canada.)

Some years ago they sold off the Canadian part of the glass company and we are now working with them on ad campaigns for their 40 odd Speedy stores in the US, as well as looking at how we might help with Novus Glass, another company they own and one of the largest franchise companies in the world.

Speedy Auto Glass
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