Capturing the essence of the message

Beyond the Gear, we get it

With professional lights, cameras, audio and other gear, we’re able to fly into action at a moments notice

We’ve evolved as the technology has. We were among the first Vancouver agencies to bring print in-house with the advent of PageMaker, and the desktop publishing revolution of the 80’s. In the 90’s, we brought video production in-house with a tape to tape Betacam video suite, graduating to a hybrid system called Digital FX. Today we use Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, and all the new exciting programs that go along with them.

While computer programs can make anyone a digital wizard its the ability to see the final work tat the beginning that matters. The key is having people who know how to use that equipment and technology. And we have Matthew!


Web video & deployment

Production for the web uses the same production skills as traditional mediums. In addition it requires a knowledge of web design from simple HTML, and WordPress, to complex content management systems. We do that too!

In addition to building great creative for our clients, other Vancouver agencies use elton production resources for their projects.

A focus on corporate video for over 30 years

on all types of business-related video production

Sales Videos
TV Commercials
Video Testimonials
Event Coverage
Digital Video Ads
Video Interviews
Product Videos
Brand Films
Some of our featured video projects

We build your Brand

So customers can relate to your products and services quicker, brand awareness moves customers to conversion


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