Byron Elton

VP – Strategic Development
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VP – Strategic Development

After a two-year voluntary service mission for my church in Arizona, I decided that I couldn’t keep fighting the ad bug that was flowing through my veins. In 2013 I received my bachelor’s degree in Communications and Web Technology, with a focus on disruptive technology and design.

After joining Elton Media, I’ve brought my college education and experience in online media. Including my work experience with SEO firms; which has really helped bridge the gap between traditional media and online media, all while utilizing the best of both worlds.

When I’m not developing and optimizing online campaigns, I’m usually wanderlusting, playing guitar, or in the water.

If you have any questions regarding your website, such as how to increase your online presence, or if you need advice on where the best poutine in town is… I’m your guy, email me below and let’s have a chat.

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