Gary Milne

Managing Partner - Business Development
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Managing Partner – Business Development

I love a good challenge, especially when it involves a place I’ve never been before. I draw on all life experiences and senses when seeking a solution for a personal or business challenge. I tend to not over think but to do, even if there are more do’s required than I imagined. I sold my first travel trailer when I was 12 years old because all the sales people at Travelaire RV in Calgary were busy. The couple I sold the 14’ trailer to reminded me of my Uncle and Aunt and so sales became a natural fit for me. At 16 I ran my own RV lot in Calgary where my commission was a Chinese food dinner. I joined a rock n roll band, Legend, we were pretty good and it paid the bills while I went to Broadcast school at SAIT. I cut my teeth on small market radio in Red Deer, CKRD radio and TV, I was the district sales guy who showed up in town with my Datsun 510, like the music man, offering the very first convergence media package. Off to CFVR850 Abbotsford and great career with Fraser Valley Broadcasters when in 1986 I answered a call to join Rogers in Vancouver. What a ride, amazing stations, great people and tremendous sales success, thanks to my team. Together with friend, Jennifer Smith we started the BEAT945, building an independent super station from the ground up, my practical MBA. Started Satori Marketing working with medium sized retail clients developing full service marketing solutions, including, ‘secret shopping’. My media career included,, JOYTV and agency work with Shawn Smith at Momentum Marketing.
Jon Elton and I have enjoyed a great relationship in business and life for over 30 years and it means a lot to be invited to join his team. What a great collective of talent to work with.

Problem Solver – Story Teller.