Matt Elton

VP Creative and Production
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Matthew Elton – Creative + Production

Growing up in the business and with over 25 years of experience in production and advertising Matthew has seen a lot of changes in the media landscape and knows how to get things done.

Matthew started this work during the birth of the desktop revolution, going from paste-up print work to computer aided layout and design. With a knack for the software, and an artists eye, this evolved into computer animation, video editing, interactive media, image manipulation, websites etc.

These days, Matthew spends most of his time working on all aspects of our video production. From the concept, to the script, to the shooting, to the editing and audio and finishing work.

Matthew’s very comfortable in all areas of media design and production whether laying out a brochure, manipulating imagery, animating graphics, editing video, building a website or shooting a commercial… and he loves a challenge.

When not at work, Matthew enjoys spending his time in the mountains, or on the water at his home, with his family in Deep Cove.