Novus Auto Glass

Stemming from an old relationship Jon had with the Skidmore Group as the agency for TCGI & Speedy Auto Glass in the 80s and 90s, and with our success working with franchise organizations, Elton worked with Novus to produce and execute creative intended for use in primarily digital platforms.

They liked the idea of being able to have the local franchisee image in the creative, but with a franchise so large and spread out, the feasibility of going to each location to shoot was out of the question, so we created a set of ads templated so that the franchisee just had to send us a simple photo from there phone for us to put them in the ad. We also had each ad voiced individually to mention the location and franchisee making each and personalized to the location. We especially had fun creating the Dingbat ad that was created from beginning to end by Matthew (script, editing, animation etc).

The following campaign we created for them, came from the mind of Byron, who wrote, directed, shot and edited these fun ads, that show how Novus glass can make ridiculous experiences seem like a distant dream.

Novus Auto Glass
YouTube Ads, Digital Marketing, TV Ads
Project Direction
Byron & Matthew Elton
Project Date
2014 - 2016


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